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Company Profile - Introduction

Since 1997 AFISS is your partner in assisting you with your business in the Far East.

You can benefit from more than 25 years experience of our president with Exports to South East Asia.

We, together with our partner companies, are familiar with local customs and all the local ways to do the business which is especially important in South East Asia.

We are the right partner if you want to export your products to South Korea, China, Vietnam, Japan or Thailand. Our customers are mainly located in the steel industry and heavy industries.

We act as a trading company which means buying and reselling the products which has the advantage for any manufacturer that they are free from export procdures and foreign payment risks.

Together with our partner companies in Seoul, Pohang, Kwangyang (South Korea), Benxi, Shanghai (China), Tokyo (Japan), Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) and Bangkok (Thailand) we can offer you the following services:

   • Introduction of your products on the local markets
   • Assistance in engineering works to meet the requirements of the customers
   • Export procedures will be taken care of by us
   • Local offices in South Korea, Japan, China with the experience in all the local traditions and customs

We would be happy to be at your service.

Dobrinka Stefanovic