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公司自1997 年以来便是您在远东地区的商业和贸易伙伴。
Since 1997 AFISS is your partner in assisting you with your bussiness in the Far East.

我们的总经理20 年来一直从事东南亚国家业务,丰富的外贸经验会使您受益匪浅。
You can benefit from a total of approx. 20 years experience of our general manager with exports to South East Asia.

We, together with our partner companies, are familiar with local customs and all the local ways to do the business which is especially important in South East Asia.

如果您正在准备将您的产品推销到南朝鲜, 中国以及日本,我们将是您最好的贸易伙伴。我们的顾客主要来自这些国家的钢铁和重型机械工业。 (请参考附带的公司概况一览表)
We are the right partner if you want to export your products to South Korea, China or Japan.
Our Customers are mainly located in the steel industry and heavey industries (references as per attached fact sheet).

We act as a trading company which means buying and reselling the products which has the advantage for any manufacturer that they are free from export procdures and foreign payment risks.

与我们在南朝鲜 (汉城, Pohang, Kwangzang), 中国 (本溪,上海) 以及日本 (东京) 的合作公司一起,我们可以向您提供下列服务:
Together with our partner companies in Seoul, Pohang, Kwangzang (South Korea), Benxi, Shanghai (China) and Tokyo (Japan) we can offer you the following services:

  • 将您的产品直接介绍给这些地区的顾客
    Introduction of your products on the local markets

  • 按照用户的需要,"协助工程项目的实施
    Assistance in engineering works to meet the requirements of the customers

  • 为您办理一切出口手续
    Export procedures will be taken care of by us.

  • 在南朝鲜, 日本以及中国均有我们的地区办事处,可以向您提供货物交接和海关程序的服务。
    Local offices in South Korea, Japan, China with the experience in all the local traditons and customs.

    We would be happy to be at your service.

    Dobrinka Stefanovic
    General Manager